There is a lot to experience in the Phang Nga area. Enough for a long holiday! From the Turtle sanctuary in Thai Muang to Thai Mueang Beach and Phnag Nga Bay. In Thai Mueang itself the beach will naturally be an important part of your stay, The National Park is of cause also one of the main attractions of Thai Mueang. The Turtle Conservation Center is only a few minutes from our resort, so we would recommend a visit. You can read more about other travelers experiences in the turtle center on this page on TripAdvisor.

Another thing on the To Do List is a visit to the Lampi waterfalls. You can drive there on a fresh bike trip. It is dependent on the time of year how much water there is, so if you come in the dry season maybe there is not so much water. But there should be enough for a bath! Read more about Lampi waterfall on TripAdvisor.
Of cause you should also be thinking about a boat trip in Phang Nga Bay while you are here. You can start on the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, to get an impression of the bay area from above. You can reach the place in half an hour on motorbike.
In general, TripAdvisor is a good place to get ideas about what to do in Phang Nga. Below there is a few recommendations from us at Thai Mueang Resort.

similan islands phang nga

Similan Islands

To get to Similan Islands yourself you need a 30 min. motorbike ride to the pier, 30 km. north of Thai Mueang. You can also simply buy a organised tour. It is a long day - 12 hours. So get a good sleep the day before. You can ask in our reception how you can book a tour.
Similan is a beautiful place with swimming guarantee, as opposite to Thai Mueang Beach where there can be rough waters some times. But on Thai Mueang beach you will have privacy, whereas there will be lot of other tourists going to Similan Islands.

wat tham ta pan temple phang nga

Wat Tham Ta Pan Cave Temple

Phang Nga city is around 35 km. away. The adventurous can go there on motorbike through the mountains, but it can be a little tricky to find your way. It is better for most to take the extra time and go to Khok Kloy, so you can follow the big roads.

In Phang Nga you can visit 2 interesting temples in one go. Wat Suwan Kuha (see the image on top of the page), is a cave temple with a big sleeping Buddha.
Another interesting place is Wat Tham Ta Pan Temple. Here there also is big cave you can explore. There is an (disturbing for some) interesting place that depicts the Buddhist version of hell. But if you see images of how Christians think hell is like, you will be familiar with the concept! Please see images on TripAdvisor.

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint phang nga

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

It can be a bit of a challenge to go there, and you will need an ascend of 15-20 min. on top of that. But Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is well worth it, as you get an astonishing view of the whole Phang Nga Bay. There is an option to rent a tent if you want to stay for a night.

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