Privacy Policy

Read about how we use the information we get from you.

Collection of data

  • When you visit Thai Mueang Resort's website we may set a "cookie" in your browser, that makes it easier for you to use our website. This cookie is easily deleted by clearing your browser cache.
  • We may also collect data to use for analytics. This is non-personal data only, such as your country and browser type This data also works via a cookie and can likewise easily be deleted.
  • We collect only personal information about you that you give to us yourself, for example in order to handle a booking from our website via email. We do not collect Credit Card information as online payments are handled by our booking partners.

How we use the data

  • Thai Mueang Resort never hands over to third parties, information about you that you have given to us, or we have collected,, unless it is necessary. For example in relation to a booking you have made, through a booking website, or if you are booking a day trip with us with a tour operator. In such case you will always be aware that this is the case.
  • Non-personal data we collect for ourselves is used to improve our website's performance and our service to our guests, for example by seeing where our visitors come from, and which pages they look at.

This privacy policy is valid from January 2019

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