Around Thai Mueang Beach & Phang Nga

Thai Mueang is a small but lively town, at least in the daytime. It is a typical Thai town, with few Western oriented shopping options. Instead you will find many Thai restaurants and shops that cater to the locals. There is a Chinese temple where there often is activity worth seeing. There is a couple of fresh markets with local produce, fish and meat, but also the standard 7 Eleven and Tesco Lotus. Nightlife is limited to a few bars and karaokes, but some restaurants on the beach road have open to around 1 o'clock and is a great place to hang out. If you have a motorbike you can drive a 35 km ride north to Khao Lak, where there are numerous restaurants and bars available

thai mueang turtle sanctuary baby turtles

The western part of Thai Mueang is dominated by the 15 km long Thai Mueang Beach, with plenty of space for everybody. The beach is backed up by the Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park. You can enter the park through the entrance near our resort. You can also just follow the beach into the park on foot. There are several waterfalls in this national park, and nature trails you can follow.

South east you find the spectacular Phang Nga Bay, and not far from that Phang Nga City, surrounded by impressive mountains covered with trees. There are several temples and caves worth visiting in this area.
60 km further south you will end in Phuket. It is possible to drive to Phuket on motorbike, but it is for experienced drivers only, as the traffic is dangerous.

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wat tham ta pan temple
phang nga bay
thai mueang village chinese temple
thai mueang beach
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Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park has a lot to offer. You can for example bike around or follow the nature trails in the park. Or simply have a day on the beach inside the park. If you want to know more details about the park we recommend to read more on Wikipedia.
You can drive to the entrance in ca. 5 min. on motorbike, or 10-15 min. on your "resort bike". There is an entrance fee, but you can also park a bit before the entrance and simply follow the beach into the national park on foot.

The image from Thai Mueang Beach on top of this page is taken not far from the national park, and you look south, in the opposite direction of the park, towards Phuket island.

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